For less than $40/month

Child sponsorship can change a life and impact the community

Fellowship Church has an ongoing partnership with Children's Cup.  We sponsor one of their many care-points in South Africa.  We are equally invested in the lives of children right here at home.  Through our collaboration with Ascension Parish schools we care for hungry school children on a weekly basis.  Sponsorship is a monthly commitment that opens the door to a future the child and their community. 

Sign-up to Sponsor a Local Child: $20/Month or $160 a year will fill a backpack with food for a hungry child each weekend of the school year.   

Sign-up to Sponsor a Child in South Africa: $39/Month will provide a daily meal and care for a child at our Dayizenza Care-point. 


We sponsor one of the many Children's Cup care-points across the world.  The children at our Care-point in Dayizenza South Africa are loved by local mom's like "Edith" and "GoGo" who live in and know the community they serve. The images and stories you see below are connected with the children that are fed physically and spiritually on a regular basis.    

We are also equally invested in the lives of children right here in our own community.  School counselors identify children who would benefit from extra care.  Our BackPack coordinators respond in love by packing, praying over and delivering 125 bags weekly to seven schools.  The team's mission is to support every elementary school in the parish by 2020.    


If you would like more information, please call the church office at 225-673-4735 or email pastor Brian at