our vision statement

We exist to bring real life in Christ to Ascension Parish and beyond.

Core Actions

Be a Bringer- We bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus. We are passionate about bringing people along with us. Whether it is a person that is far from God that we invite to church or if it is a faithful follower of Christ that we bring along in leadership, we don't do it alone. Jesus calls us to be bringers.

Keep it Real- We value authenticity. We desire for every person to find a safe place to share their faith, their struggles and successes while also faithfully building each other up. We want to see people exercise their unique gifting and to mature in faith & obedience to Christ & Scripture.

Look Alive- We want people to see the joy and passion that Christ gives us as we serve and worship and give with excellence. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.

Go Beyond- We want to live with a 2nd mile mentality. Jesus said that if we are asked to go 1 mile, we need to go 2. Don't live ordinary, but with extraordinary faith and service.