2002- 9 people met for the first time at the old Prairieville Fire Department with few resources but a big vision to bring real life in Christ to Ascension Parish.

2006- The church grew to 150 and could no longer fit in the Fire Department facility. The current property on Hwy 73 was purchased and we built our first building.

2013- Fellowship grew to over 600 people and started a new campus in order to reach the people in the southern part of Ascension Parish. We sent out 50 people to begin this work.

2015- A permanent property was gifted to the church for our Airline campus.

2017- We celebrated 15 years and focused on our 4 core actions: Be a Bringer, Look Alive, Keep it Real, Go Beyond.

Fellowship is now over 1,200 people. We've seen marriages restored, families repaired, addictions broken and lives changed. God has done it all and we know the best is yet to come...